The Meeting

The start of the assignment marks a meeting with the client for a personal conversation. We want to gain a detailed understanding of the company and familiarize with the corporate culture and values. After that, a detailed requirement profile is elaborated including necessary qualifications, experience and personality profile. On the basis of this information, we define a search strategy and produce company-, job- and requirement profiles as well as a target company list.


The Market Analysis

Our in-house research team then delves into the assignment and conducts a detailed market analysis. Potential candidates are identified, summarised in an initial contact list and approached in a targeted manner. A comprehensive market analysis is never completed, but is continuously evolving until the end of the recruitment!


The «Swipe right»

The most appropriate candidates for the position are then contacted personally by our research analyst. If there is a general mutual interest in an exchange, the candidate provides credentials including the CV for the preselection.


The Suitability Test

In the aptitude test, the general framework conditions are first clarified with the candidates. If these are agreed upon, an initial interview – either physical or digital – is arranged. This is the point in time at which the person “on the hook” is challenged professionally and personally by our consultant. On the basis of our impressions, we create a complete dossier to provide our client with a detailed picture of the candidate.


The «Date»

The candidates, who our client are most interested in, are then invited to a personal interview with the client. Thanks to the previous interview and dossier, both parties have a sound basis of information facilitating a substantial discussion in the meeting. If requested, the consultant from Meister Networks is happy to take part in the discussion and acts as a moderator.


The Support (Sparring)

Our journey together ends with the signing of the employee contract. Up until this point, we accompany the process at the sidelines as a coach and provide tactical in-put. If necessary, we can consult an assessor or obtain references.