Meister Networks

Meister Networks is a division of Meister Executive Search AG and was founded in 2011. We are pioneers in the field of management and specialist recruitment in lower to middle management through direct approach, and can draw upon a wealth of experience. We work exclusively on a sole mandate basis and put quality before quantity. We would rather present one excellent candidate who is a perfect fit for the job and the company, than five “acceptable candidates”.

Why Meister Networks? That’s why!

We are a young and dynamic company. We are flexible, modern and, if the situation requires, also choose unconventional paths. In our search for managers and specialists in lower and middle management, we work in close collaboration with our clients. In contrast to conventional headhunters and recruitment agencies, each and every recruitment assignment at Meister Networks is absolutely unique. We maintain a close relationship with all of our clients, which is why we are able to not only explore the hard skills of the candidates, but also ensure their soft skills match those of our clients. It is of utmost importance to us that the personality of the candidates are considered in the recruitment process.


Ashton Eaton, world record–holding decathlete, ran the 100-meter sprint in a decathlon competition in just 10.21 seconds. Without question, a phenomenal achievement. However, is it comparable to the world record for the mere 100-meter sprint set by Usain Bolt at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics? Not in our point of view.

Much like in this example, specialisation outperforms generalisation in other areas as well. In our perspective, this also holds true in the area of specialist recruitment. We concentrate on our core strength, headhunting. Our focus is on recruiting through direct approach. In this way, we bundle our forces and deliberately do not engage in other HR discipline unlike other recruitment agencies and headhunters. We are not HR generalists, and like Usain Bolt, focus on just one discipline.



Founded in 2011, Meister Networks is comparatively young, but it is an integral part of Meister Executive Search AG and can draw upon its long-standing network. As a pioneer in headhunting at the middle and lower management levels, we have built up an exciting network and a lively exchange with interesting high potentials and top performers in numerous industries. The impressive number of successfully completed mandates proves us right.



We need someone now! Prior to our assignments, many of our clients have unsuccessfully tried to recruit a candidate using traditional channels. In the majority of our search mandates in expert search, it is of the utmost importance to quickly contact a large pool of candidates. Thanks to our extensive resources, keen perception and quick start into the project, we are world class in this discipline and are able to cross time-critical hurdles and short sprints.



In today’s labour markets, highly qualified, high-performing people have a strong negotiating position and know their worth. Our research analysts are excellent at carefully contacting candidates and understand how to awake enthusiasm for a new opportunity. Our enthusiasm and energy for our clients is contagious. We regularly receive feedback from candidates stating: “Actually, I wasn’t looking for a new job, but the way you describe the position and mission sound very exciting”. This is often the beginning for the sustainable relationship between our clients and the candidate.


Tact & Sensitivity

Despite the increasing demand, it is often not yet commonplace for specialists and people from lower and middle management to be directly approached by headhunters. They frequently do not have their own office, or the nature of their work makes it difficult to talk to them without interference. In these situations, the necessary instinct and tact is essential. We skilfully succeed in approaching and gaining the interest of candidates in such situations while ensuring their integrity in today’s workplace.


Global Recruiting

Thanks to our membership in the CFR Global Executive Search network, in addition to the broad network of relationships in Switzerland, we also have great connections beyond national borders We have an excellent network and presence in over 30 countries and are happy to support our customers support our customers in international and global recruiting assignments. Thanks to our broad language skills in the Research Centre and our consultants, we are also able to approach personalities from abroad with the usual professionalism.