Recruiting in the “war for talents” increasingly requires specific knowledge and sufficient capacities, as this is the only way to take accurate action. This poses several challenges for both small and large companies from heavy resource consumption to attraction of talents. As pioneers in the direct search for managers in middle and lower management areas as well as for specialists, we take over the complete recruitment process for you. From the demanding identification of candidates to competent advice in the selection, we consider every detail and remain relentless until you have hired the qualified person who is right for you.

Recruitment through direct approach

Together, we define a profile of requirements for the vacancy, which is used to develop a tailor-made search strategy. The identified candidates are contacted discreetly, professionally and directly using the necessary instinct and tact for the situation. We are specialists in direct telephone contact and use a broad combination of channels and active sourcing strategies to help us find the right candidate for you. The benefit of this approach compared to conventional “post-and-pray” recruiting methods is that the vacancy is presented to a significantly larger spectrum of qualified and interesting candidates and attention is discreetly drawn to an exciting opportunity at your company.

Recruitment through direct approach complemented with job advertisment

The direct approach can also be complemented with the classic recruiting channel via advertisement. While the direct approach is used almost exclusively to contact people in an existing employment relationship with the intention to remain in for a longer period of time, recruitment by means of advertisements is aimed at job seekers. The combined option is to a certain extent a symbiosis of the two approaches. As headhunters, we are proficient in direct search and can also guarantee the drafting, administration and seamless integration of applications into the recruiting process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the temporary or permanent outsourcing of individual parts or, if desired, the entire recruiting process. Regardless of the size of corporations, we offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs for every step in the recruiting process. Considering the unique requirements of recruitment processes, we work closely with you to develop the specific RPO model that is most suitable for you. We have proven expertise in conducting all individual recruiting steps, performing market analyses including the development of extensive target company and contact lists, applying the direct approach, holding structured telephone interviews, creating short profiles, and conducting hand-picked interviews with or without the desired mini-cases. It is up to our clients’ decision, which sub-processes you want to outsource to us and which to handle internally.

    Your benefits:

    • Significant reduction of recruiting expenses
    • Professionalisation of the process
    • Access to the methods of a direct search approach
    • Better quality of candidates
    • Neutrality and impartiality in the selection of candidates
    • More efficient resource allocation since you can use your time and money for your core busines
    • Shortening of your to-do list

    Transparent conditions
    & guarantee

    We work exclusively on a sole mandate basis. We are committed to going the extra mile for you and are convinced that mutual trust and work towards a successful recruiting should be reflected in a transparent price model.

    The total fee is divided into three part. At the beginning of the mandate, we are entitled to a basic fee for our extensive market mapping, preselection and interviews con-ducted by the consultant. The two subsequent fees are linked to the successful pro-gress of the mandate. The second fee is only due once the clients invite the first quali-fied candidates to an interview. Lastly, upon signature of the employee contract, our clients remunerate the success fee for successfully completing the recruitment process.

    Our fees are based on simple and transparent terms and conditions. A fixed fee is set at the beginning which, thanks to our many years of experience, is based on the estimated effort and complexity of the assignment. We also offer our clients a double guarantee: we keep searching systematically until the ideal person is found and, if necessary, guarantee a replacement free of charge.

    Our clients are protected! Meister Networks commits to not approach any employees from clients.